Keyword Rank Checker: How Effective Are These Tools Now?

Keyword rank checkers are interesting tools that can be very useful, but also have a fair degree of controversy attached to them, depending on who you talk to. The truth is that both sides of the arguments make some very valid and convincing points. So what is the truth behind these online tools? Read on to find out the full story behind keyword rank checker.

Brief History Of Keyword Checkers
These were often seen as a necessary tool, especially early on when Yahoo and Bing had separate rankings, and when Google’s rankings were universal and easy to read as opposed to being localized and somewhat customized. Having a tool that could check up to 200 keywords at a time (often fairly accurately) on all three major search engines gave a very clear picture of where SEO efforts were getting a website and what keywords were within range of first page versus those that were a long way from being competitive.

This was good information that could be used to adjust an SEO campaign to focus on the most effective results.

Common Hang Ups
However as the search engines changed, many people complained that these tools were becoming less effective. One of the most common complaints was frustration with how many would hang up if a lot of keywords were searched at once, or if Yahoo/Bing results were checked at the same time that Google keywords were checked. They seemed slower and less efficient. That being said, there are still some high quality keyword rank checkers that get the job done and provide the requested information.

Beware Paralysis By Analysis
While more information is usually a good thing, this also comes with its own danger. The common phrase “paralysis by analysis” refers to a common practice of where so much information is absorbed that the person never takes action. They get frozen from wanting to do more research, addicted to the smallest moves in rankings, or otherwise spend too much time on information instead of actually working to get the job done.

The keyword ranking tool is prime for this type of problem from certain personalities who are prone to micro managing, and that’s important when deciding if a modern version is really going to help you advance your goals or not.

So What’s The Verdict?
This tool definitely has its uses, but you need to find one that works with modern search engines as well as balancing info with actually taking the actions necessary to succeed.